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May 26, 2008 by Nequa
As the tile explains, how long does America have untill they are no longer a super power? I belive that the U.S probally has about 50 years for us to see some real decline. Also what country will be the next one?
May 26, 2008 by Nequa
I noticed that on my stats, there is something called points. what do points mean? I have 442. 
May 24, 2008 by Nequa
It seems that a claim to fame for a computer game can be for its amazing grahpics. That is a good thing but I am starting to notice that with the better graphics  comes at the cost of needing a better computer or graphics card. Its nice to reed the details off some cars bumber, but not if I am worries about my computer crashing. The reason I got Sins of a solar empire is because of how it does not need a ultra good computer for it to use. games that require high end comp...