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Published on May 30, 2008 By Nequa In Misc
As the title explains this post is about talking about Zombies. I decided to put it in Misc because I thought this was the right place. Zombies have always been something of intrest of to me and being a fan of "the zombie surfival guide" and "World War Z" both by Max Brooks. You can write about anything you like but it has to be about Zombies! Also make sure you say what type of zombie it is like a vodoe zombie or the zombie most people know.
on May 30, 2008
Hope people like this. One thing I like to talk about is what you would do if zombies starting to attack were you leave.
on May 30, 2008

Interesting topic, especially considering I recently came across a zombie game type on Call of Duty 4. I'm a hardcore player and I found a server where everyone starts off as a soldier (called hunters) and bullets are unlimited, the map is mostly dark except for a few feet ahead of you. Within 2 minutes the game randomly picks one person and turns them into a zombie. It's now up to this person to try to kill hunters so they can turn into zombies and join him to kill more hunters. It's interesting cause you have several types of zombies to chose from, each with it's own unique special attack but they are a bit slow and clumbsy (kinda like in movies). Eventually you either come down to 1 hunter left which is then given a super gun to kill as many zombies as possible and try to survive the time left of the game or many hunters still survive and outlast the zombies. All in all it's a fun new way to play Call of Duty 4.


I also like older zombie movies like return of the living dead. And am not ashamed to say I love Michael Jacksons Thriller music video.

on May 30, 2008

Is this zombie server on the computer or on the Xbox? I would like to play that.

on Jun 01, 2008
PC, not sure if there is an Xbox version.
on Jun 01, 2008

Damm, about the zombie thing and how this post does not to seem to be getting of to a good start. 

on Jun 02, 2008
Sorry, guess not a lot of zombies on this site. LOL.