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Do you remeber Battle Tanxs? The game that came out in 1998. And are hero Griffen Spade the survifor of a women killing plauge and a nuclear war goes across the land fighting gangs in search of his love Madison liberating other women along the way, I had fun with many levels and intresting physco gangs that I fought. When Battle Tanxs 2:global assualt came out that improved the game even more with the movable turrent, more tanks to chose from, and the edge. But to be honest I found the plot line in Battle Tanxs 2 kind of stupid with the force like edge and the powerfull edge user.

Now the reason I was bringing this up is because a third Battle Tanxs was planned by 3DO (if you played the second game you could tell with the cliff hanger). But 3DO went bankrupt before that happend. And I was wondering about if some other compuny could pick up the ball with this game. I would love that to happend.  

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