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I have been having trouble finding the patches for Medieval II and I want to get them since the path finding errors are annoying like when you dont get the special units when you form the union of kalmare. So if you know where I can find the patchs I apprecated it, thanks!
on Aug 20, 2008
The links on the total war forums announcement didn't work for me, so I searched gamespot and found...
on Aug 21, 2008
Whenever I install the patches I get constant crashing. So I stopped playing the game months back. I hope they get around to bringing out some unbuggy ones.
on Aug 28, 2008


I know this is stupid, but after installing the patches you need to manually delete two files. I can't remember what they are as I haven't played in forever, but any forum related to Total War will tell you in a faq.

Here, I found it:


And here are the patches: http://www.fileshack.com/browse.x/3868

Wait, his original post is over a month old. Oh well, I went through all that, might as well post it.

on Aug 28, 2008

CA/Sega is like the anti-Stardock.  They regularly try to stamp out all dissent, and they give tons to things to criticize.  I will NEVER buy a non-VF Sega game again.   Virtua Fighter tends to be glitch-free so it gets an exception.



on Sep 14, 2008