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It appears watch dogs groups have something else to bark about, it appears they now think that playing zombie vido games may make children canniblistac. They also talk about the usuall stuff,"Vidoe games are ful of sex, blah blah blah, the children are going to become murders, blah blah". I mean really? How often does this stuff they talk about actually happen?

Here is a link if you want to read the article http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,177090,00.html.


on Jul 31, 2008

These people just can't shake the feeling that somewhere, somehow, someone is having some sort of fun.

on Nov 16, 2008

Ah yes, Fox News, last bastion of honesty and impartiality.

Anyway, maybe Zombie games do make you lust after human flesh.  I wouldn't know, because I lusted after human flesh long before I played my first zombie game.

Oh, wait, you meant "hunger" literally, not as a metaphor for carnal desires.  In that case, same thing:  My hunger predates my video-gaming, so I can't give a meaningful opinion.