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I was watching law and order and two of its episodes started to make me think. One was about a man how stole money from his company and then killed his partner how found out what he was doing, But it was reviled that he was giving it to a charity in Iseral (sorry if I spelld it wrong), another one was about a mother hows fire fighter husband left her for his dead friends widow (how got money for her husband death during 9/11), which caused her to kill his new wife. Some times, the right thing and the good thing go hand in hand, but other times they dont.

Allow me to break down the two episodes into the right thing to do, and the good thing to do.

Episode one: This involves the man how killed his partner.

The good thing The man gave money to a charity that helped people how were poor and injured in Iseral.

The Right thing: He should have never stole money from his company, and he should have not killed his partner how found out.

Episode Two This is about Jack McCoy, the prosescution lawyer.

The good thing: McCoy was facing pressure from people about giving a lighter sentec then what you would usually give a murder. That is becuase the womens husband left her for his dead best friends wife how gained alot of money when her husband died during 9/11, and then the husband wanted to take his Ex-wifes kids away becuase she could not take care of them and he would not pay child support, which caused the single mother to kill her ex's wife.

The right thing: McCoy wanted to give the women the full penalty for murdring her Ex-husbands wife. He felt that the reason did not matter and she should face the consquences like any other person how commites murder. 

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